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The Russian
Vocal Ensemble
of St. Petersburg




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Professionel musicians

„LYRA“ is a community of professional musicians. Most of our members are students or postgraduates of Saint-Petersburg Conservatoire, working in different choirs of Saint-Petersburg. Some of us are also soloists at musical theatres of our city. Though the members of our community represent different musical professions: choir conductors, opera singers, instrumentalists, music teachers - we are all united by love for choir and ensemble singing. The choir community „LYRA“ includes about 25 people. However, due to different difficulties connected with the arrangement of concerts for such a numerous group, we usually perform in small groups of soloists consisting of 5-6 people, trying to keep the harmony of choir sound.
In 2001 we were awarded the Montreux (Switzerland) international choral festival diploma. In 2005 our group was also a winner of Coleraine International Choral Festival (Northern Ireland).


The main goal of „LYRA“`s activity is exploring and popularizing Russian choir music. Through our performances, we want to introduce enormous musical heritage of the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as traditions of Russian folk music to all people who are interested in Russia, its history and culture.
The field of our creative interests is quite diverse. In a wide range of time we represent examples of Russian sacred music, starting from ancient songs of the Orthodox Church to works of little-known, but remarkable composers of the XVIII-XX centuries, as well as famous masters - D. Bortnjansky, P. Tchaikovsky, P. Tchesnokov, A. Gretchaninov, S. Rakhmaninov, I. Stravinsky and others. We perform different folk songs of lyric, dancing and ritual nature in the arrangements of great choir music masters. We also make our own arrangements of folk songs. Secular songs of Russian classics, such as S. Taneev, P. Tchaikovsky, S Rakhmaninov and others represent another side of our creative activity. Our repertoire includes also programs consisting of songs, romances and arias from operas by Russian as well as foreign composers.

Lyra's music online

Apart from our stage performances we also work in sound record studios, where we have already recorded 6 CDs. You can listen to some records right here on our site.

Where we perform

As we consider our community was established in 1994, when we appeared with the first concerts. Since then geography of our performances has become pretty wide. We perform not only in Russia, but also outside it. Thanks to the friends who help us arrange trips, we regularly give concerts in the countries of Western Europe - Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden. We also make annual concert trips around the USA.
Apart of our concert activity, we also take part in worship services at churches of different Christian confessions. We consider this not only as interesting multicultural events but also as a wonderful and important ecumenical experience.

How to engage us?

We thank you for visiting our site and would be glad if you take interest in our information. If you have any questions or would like to invite our group for a concert or participation in a church service you are very welcome to contact us any time. Our contact address including the e-mail address is here...